How to Interior Design a Bedroom 3 looks

How to Interior Design a Bedroom 3 looks!/pages/Green-Apple-Painting/138019056238503 Complete bedroom makeover! How to design a room with only paint. Modern interior design Ideas.How to design a Cool room. How to create ideas modern contemporary design. Living room bedroom or master bedroom.Painting with stencils and overhead projector. How to paint a mural. randall93


  1. Very nice work, simple elegant. However careful with custom art as it may not appeal to a future buyer and those awful browns, ok this video is 5 years old, but those browns are at least 10 years old.

  2. I would have only painted the dark paint on the focal point accent wall. The rest would remain a cream. The light design would be complimented by the adjacent walls and brighten the room. It looks like a dark pit at present.

  3. I want to paint my wall.. but i dont feel like buying a projector, and I my wall isn't close to smooth or anything like that

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