How to Iron on Patches

How to Iron on Patches

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Extend the life of your clothing by using patches to cover worn or torn areas, or to embellish tired items and give them a fresh new look.

Step 1: Prepare garment and patch
Prepare your garment and the patch by ensuring that both are clean and dust free. This will allow the patch to adhere more securely to the clothing fabric.

Step 2: Trim frayed area
Trim frayed areas around the hole or worn area with the scissors. Leave a bit of fray around a hole for the patch to adhere to.

Use the hottest iron setting for heavy fabrics such as canvas and denim and a lower setting for delicate fabrics.

Step 3: Position pillowcase and press garment
Position the pillowcase over the area to be patched and iron your garment through the pillowcase.

Step 4: Align patch
Align the patch with the hole or frayed area, making sure it provides complete coverage. Position the pillowcase over the patch to provide a buffer between the fabric and the iron to prevent scorching.

Step 5: Iron patch
Iron the patch to your garment securely by pressing down firmly and passing the iron over the area four or five times.

Try making your own iron-on patches using fabric and iron-on adhesive tape, which can be purchased at a fabric store.

Step 6: Let garment cool
Let your garment cool for at least an hour without moving it. Once the glue adheres, the patch will be set.

Did You Know?
Did you know? Fashionable people in the 18th century adorned themselves with facial patches to hide pox scars and other marks.


  1. Hello im looking for some help on these iron ons. My school gave me an iron on logo for a sweatshirt and i bought a cotton sweatshirt to do it. I put my iron on highest temperature without steam and tried to do it the way it ia explained. The problem is that the picture wont really stick to the sweater completely so i cant really peel off the white paper. Please help! Thanks

  2. This is a great video if you want to learn how to stick a flower on your pants and a bad video if you want to learn how to patch the inside of the crotch on your pants.

  3. Nice video for custom iron on patches. You may want to also add our Fusible Graphics iron on patches to your line of embroidered patches. Much faster turn around and we provide trade rates…. 

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