How to Juggle a Soccer Ball! | Tips

How to Juggle a Soccer Ball! | Tips

How to Juggle a Soccer Ball or Football! Keeping the ball in the air can prove difficult, so here’s some tips on how to improve your free styling game. Joga Bonito!



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Alright guys time to get your Joga Bonito on because today we are going to be talking about juggling. A skill that nobody’s better at it, than the Brazilians.

— Tips for Beginners —

We recommend beginners start with their hands, keep the ball up with their thighs, and try to get extra touches with their feet as the ball falls to the ground. Try to get as many touches as possible, starting with just a few. As you improve, your record will increase.

— Mastery of the Feet —

Now we’re going to talk about Mastering the feet.

The first thing to practice is flicking the ball up with your feet instead of using your hands. Place your foot on top of the ball, then quickly pull it back towards you, sticking your toe underneath the ball to lift it up in the air.

Once you can Juggle without using your hands, see how many touches you can get with your strong foot, then your weak foot. As you get better, try switching between feet.

As your control improves, decrease the height of your juggles. Eventually you’ll reach a level we call toe-tap juggling, where the ball barely leaves the foot with each touch. Keep in mind that toe-tap juggling is a difficult skill that requires a great deal of practice.

— Upper Body Control —

Another important part of juggling is controlling the ball with your upper body. Start with your hands. Try getting as many touches as possible with your head. As the ball drops, use other parts of your body to keep it up as long as you can. Eventually, try using your feet to bring the ball up to your head.

Once you’ve gotten used to using your feet to bring the ball up, try playing a game we call “The 7 Point Challenge.” The goal of the game is to juggle from one foot, up around your body and down to your other foot, hitting your thighs, shoulders and head along the way.

Another game you can play is something we call “Body Basketball.” Use a nearby basketball hoop and try making shots without your hands. Starting with your feet, bring the ball up to your head, eventually heading it into the hoop. Body Basketball is very challenging, but if you keep working at it, you’ll greatly improve your upper body control.

— Tricks & Freestyling —

Once you have mastered juggling with your upper and lower body, you’re ready to have some fun. Try practicing some tricks and skills to add some flair. A quick search on youtube will show you thousands of freestylers with insane tricks and skills.

There’s really no limit to what you can do! Start by picking something you think is cool, then practice doing it over and over again. Good things will come to you with hard work and persistence. And most importantly, Have Fun!

— Game Prep —

Juggling will help improve your ball control in real game situations, helping your touch in the air and when combining with your teammates.

To prepare for games, practice juggling with a friend from a short distance, then as you improve, move farther apart from each other. Use your left foot, right foot, and different parts of your body to pass and receive the ball. Try to improve your ability to work with the ball in the air in a variety of situations.

— Summary —

1) Tips for Beginners
2) Mastery of the Feet
3) Upper Body Control
4) Tricks & Freestyling
5) Game Prep


  1. Great video man truly helped, of the fr 30 I've watched cause none said start with your thighs cause I went straight to trying to learn at the feet cause that's what every other video taught but thanks foreal.

  2. I need help,
    every time I juggle the ball, i manage to do around 5 or 10 but the ball spins out of control, so when i kick it while it is spinning, the ball moves away from my body. Any help?

  3. I'm 12 and I just joined the soccer team a week ago… All my friends are pros!!!! I suck and I need serious help if I want to improve and actually DO something during a game. This video helped… THANX!!!!

  4. how do you keep the ball balanced on your foot while juggling the ball? when ever i try to juggle the ball it doesn't balance on my foot.

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