How To Keep Cat Out of Christmas Tree

How To Keep Cat Out of Christmas Tree – Learn how to keep your cat out of the Christmas tree this year. Find the answer at the link above. Have a great Christmas!


  1. thanks for nothing!  If I wanted an advert i would have looked up ads.  I wouldn't check your site now even if you paid me!

  2. spray your electric wires with cheap perfume..cats will not chew on them..they hate the smell..i learned that after one of my kittens badly burned his mouth from wire chewing..had to put him down..a little time and perfume will keep that from happening.

  3. I try the spray thing on my cat and she flatten her ears closed her eyes and ran me down. She don't care about NOTHING. Can't win.

  4. @Leebsterftw Exactly! The star makes a brief appearance on top of the Christmas tree each year, it's up as long as it takes me to remember what happened the previous year. Looks brand new.

  5. @RachTrinity my cats are not afraid of the spray bottle 🙁 lol our tree just has to be decorated waist up and with no star as it always falls off from the kitten and cat playing under the fake tree lol

  6. The website you provided is not working. It looks like the website server is not working….Contact your web developer to correct this problem. Thanks!

  7. I have a small tree and two cats. I have the tree on my small filing cabinet. My answer…I duck taped it down….lol and put a skirt under the tree to cover it up…now they cannot knock it over. When I was a kid…we nailed the tree to the floor!

  8. Don't keep them out at all! Just use LED lights with a low power cable so they don't kill themselves then let them have fun! It is christmas after all, their gift is a giant climbing frame with wiggling dangling objects!

    Ahhhhhh, cat heaven.

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