How to keep your cat out of the Christmas tree.

How to keep your cat out of the Christmas tree.

Linny and Edie avoiding the Christmas tree. I put down plastic sheeting (the video shows the sheeting still untrimmed) and sprayed it with 3M adhesive spray to make it sticky to touch. It works, the cats avoid the sheeting and the tree. I respray about once every week or so as needed.


  1. I found a more natural product tto use called Nature's Miracle just for cats at Petsmart. We only have one cat.. still a kitten almost. 6 months. I sprayed it around the skirt of the tree and around the tree. She came into the livingroom and had that expression of ewwww.. what is that smell? And never went near it until the next day, still cautious.. but then I sprayed it again and she scooted away so fast. She doesn't go near the tree any more 😉 Yay!!! Saved my insanity.

  2. Thanks for this tip, I'm going to try this. Had to stop the cat 4 times earlier this evening. She kept pawing at the ornaments.

  3. I've trimmed the plastic to cover just the area around the tree. It's been a week and the sticky trick is still keeping the cats away from my tree! yahooo!

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