How to Keep Your Cat Safe around a Christmas Tree

How to Keep Your Cat Safe around a Christmas Tree

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If you feel Christmas would not be the same without your cat to share it, use these tips to minimize their risk around the Christmas tree.

Step 1: Set up the tree
Put your tree in its stand, but leave it undecorated for a few days so your cat can get used to it. Be sure to place the tree in a heavy stand, and anchor it to the ceiling or a wall.

Step 2: Decorate the tree
Decorate the tree, leaving the lowest area free of decorations for the first few days. Add decorations to the bottom of the tree after the cat has gotten used to the higher ones.

Hang the ornaments with ribbons rather than hooks, and do not use tinsel. Use heavy ornaments that do not dangle.

Step 3: Coat electrical cords
Coat electrical cords with with a non-toxic chew deterrent to discourage your cat from biting them.

Hide electrical cords by threading them through PVC tubing.

Step 4: Add a scratching post
Place a scratching post near the tree along with some kitty greens. Make it so that everyone, including your feline friend, will enjoy a green Christmas.

Did You Know?
In 1856, President Franklin Pierce became the first American president to put a Christmas tree in the White House.


  1. Will it harm my kitten if she swallows some plastic bits of my fake christmas tree? I couldnt live without her…

  2. Will it harm my kitten if she swallows some plastic bits of my fake christmas tree? I couldnt live without her…

  3. My cat starts being a nuisance around the holidays. She knocks all the ornaments off the tree, climbs up the tree, and on Christmas morning, she runs head first into the presents.

  4. @asdfasdfasdfffffffff Well you know what they say…. pets are like their owners… in your case …. crazy… and im suppose to be the one that talks crap? You are protecting a channel that makes videos on the subject… how to set your alarm on your iphone…. IF you really cant find a way how to protect your cat from cables which is mostly not the case… and you need to watch a video that helps you to do that… that i really have nothing to say but im really sorry for your low IQ.

  5. @WaterElementall my new cat eat the cables, he's crazy.. so if you dont like the howcast videos get the fuck out of here and stop talking crap like a lonely old woman, like the most of the people that commet the howcast videos

  6. when my cat was a kitten it took a running leap and landed on the tree and idk how but that tiny cat tipped over the tree lol

    now she's all grown up and drinks the pine water out of the base of the tree.. it's so funny :p

  7. *sigh* I wish I knew this before December when my beautiful white kitty, Me-Me-Meowers, climbed to the top of the cristmas tree, knocked it over, got electricuted, started a fire, lost our gifts house, and since our neighbors were enjoying a warm vaction somewhere else, thier houses burned down too and when they returned, they had nowhere to rreturn too. Now i am in an apple store playing with the internet and when I leve I will go back home to my box. Without my poor kitty.

  8. What the crap?
    Keep your cat safe from your tree?
    Well in my case and i bet in most cases the video should be
    How to protect your tree from a cat!
    I mean my cat cant stop jumping on it… and what the hell is it with the cables.
    I mean really what cat eats cables?
    If it would eat that cable from your tree then i suppose you should spray your tv cable and PC and DCD and Radio and AAANY cable you have in house.
    This is stupid… well at leats they didnt post any more of that Guitar crap.

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