How To Kick In and Install A Room of Carpet

How To Kick In and Install A Room of Carpet

Kicking in and installing a room of carpet. Have any how to videos on flooring you want to see done? Just ask!


  1. not very professional. no power structure. shorts on a job. not going to the park. he would be shit canned in a N.Y. min.

  2. Hi, good video, thanks. I DIY fitted a thick pile carpet (12'X10') over 16 years ago using a knee kicker. It's still in place, nice and tight, never needed re-stretching. They work perfectly if used correctly. I can see why they would cause knee damage if used on a daily basis by pro's over several years though.

  3. thanks for the video…there are tools to stretch carpet where you don't need the physical. please it hurts me to see you using your knee. i hope you the best.

  4. Power stretchers are for lazy pussies. I put in over 20+ pieces. And not just cheap plush rug. We have done NFL players homes THICK RUG" no fag power stretchers. Just pull them teeth out and boot it my friend. No call backs never. Im not a hack either. So u guys will never convince me u camt stretch rug with a kicker. Thats asinine! But i do understand not every one can give a good stretch with kickers. If u cant put in a unit without a power stretcher u should not be installing. Maybe u can srap up and grab the cold drinks from the Truck!

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