How to Level a Concrete Floor – This Old House

How to Level a Concrete Floor - This Old House

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This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to resurface an uneven concrete slab. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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Shopping List for Leveling a Concrete Floor:
– 2x4s, for use as leveling rails
– shims
– construction adhesive
– masonry nails
– leveling compound

Tools for Leveling a Concrete Floor:
– 4- or 6-foot level, used to level the rails
– circular saw
– caulk gun
– scribing tool, used to mark cut lines onto the rails
– hammer-drill with masonry bit
– hammer
– drill/driver and mixing paddle
– 6-inch-wide board, used as a screed
– flat trowel, for smoothing leveling compound

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  1. whats even more nuts than the slow expensice method shown here is the crazy comments….man…its good to be have skills…thank you lord

  2. why not put a perimeter baton all the way round the kitchen, then mass pour the self levelling compound and dapple the surface to find the level? using a laser guide would save a lot of time too!!!

  3. Would leveling compound sort of pool to the low spots (self leveling)?
    I figure you could maybe scope out the area, address the really bad parts… and maybe do this in layers?
    I know nothing about it, just an inquiry.

  4. And this is definitely not the way to self level a floor. How many bag did you use? crazy! Using a laser level check off your floor with a tape measure its really accurate you can mark the floor with the exact contours where its low and high. Feathering in really low spots first remember if the floor is to be tiled you will get away with height differences of a Max 3mm with most tile adhesives. Thin vinyl flooring you are best to self level making sure you leave no ridges as these can appear through the vinyl best use a spike roller.

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