How to Look Natural Salsa Dancing

How to Look Natural Salsa Dancing

This salsa dance lesson for beginners shows how to learn the salsa dance basic steps while adding a bit of flavor to look better at salsa dancing at the salsa dance club. learn salsa dance classes and Salsa Dance Lessons at


  1. this was so so helpful thank you so much!!!!! i have been looking for this video haha. thank you!!!!!

  2. I went to a dancing party yesterday and I felt so lame not knowing how to dance. I am DETERMINED to learn how to dance, thank you for your videos!

  3. It's been such a pleasure to find addicted2salsa, I watch the videos everyday. Im a salsa lover since I was five years old. I know how to dance salsa, but I needed to know the technique by details, as Im focused to become a dance instructor. Anthony is great teaching, I have learned a lot from him. Just love your classes!

  4. My Interpretation: L=leg, R=Leg / F=forward, B=back.
    Start with both feet together: L – R – L – R – L – R
    F – B – B – B – F – F
    Good Luck

  5. why is it so damn hard, pisses me off that I can't even get my arms in time to mynlegs. I start left leg and right arm forward but quickly turns into right arm and right leg forward :@

  6. This was so awesome for someone like me who has always had a passion for dance but needs to learn some basics and style, great tutorial! Thanks!!

  7. Amazing! Thank you so much. The first video I found to explain why my movement looked awkward to me. When I counted 1 (guy) my left shoulder went forward and it should have been the opposite. You look so smooth when you move, makes me look like a robot actually :-D

  8. Your videos would be so much better if you actually SHOWED the steps in full speed. Impossible to get a feel for it when you do them so staggered. Explain it then show the actual DOING it for a good 30 seconds

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