How to make a great cup of coffee (Cheap).

How to make a great cup of coffee (Cheap).

Instant coffee is fast, but, a great cup of coffee requires time, tasty coffee beans, a French Press and personal timing.


  1. That coffee was ground waaaay to fine for a proper French press and will just taste like bitterness also blade grinders are for grinding spices not coffee they heat up the beans and make a inconsistent grind

  2. Your coffe is brown?I add a full coffeespoon of coffee to 1/2 cup of water and boil it for 5 min.After it I filter and add milk and sweetener.

  3. I agree on the beans and the French Press, but your coffee grinder is suitable for breaking up dried spices.  A bore grinder is far more consistent with the bean.  I haven't tried the salt idea.  I'm going to try is right now.  Thank you.

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