How To Make a Homemade Hamster Bin Cage

How To Make a Homemade Hamster Bin Cage

How to make a home made Hamster Bin cage. This video was pre recorded from last year and I got bored so I edited it all together and uploaded it. I do realise that at the start in the “You will need” part of the video, I didn’t say that you need a drill, The accentual bin and the wire cutters so I’m sorry about that. Also In the video, I didn’t record me putting on the water bottle so please don’t comment about that if you have all ready read this. I hope you like the video!


  1. Thanks for this video, it's very clear and easy to follow. Heating up the X-acto knife was a really good idea. I wish I'd thought of that.

    I just made a bin cage today with my 9 year-old daughter. We used a woodburning kit to cut the plastic and cable ties to hold the mesh (instead of screws, washers, etc.). We have just one large bin, but cut two holes in the top and two on two sides.

    Looking forward to adding our newest member of the family, hopefully this weekend!

  2. i dont think having ventilation at the top would be good. they need to be kept warm, and hot air rises, it just doesnt make sense to me…

  3. I think the tutorial is overall good and I made our cage very similar way so thank you!
    But I think the one opening in the plastic bin is very inadequate (it must get hot in there in summer). We have cut two much bigger openings on each side of the bin plus another one on the lid as we are not planning to stack them. Also I would not recommend any smaller bin then 105 Quarts/ 99 L unless you are linking more bins together.

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