How to Make a Proven Perfect –

How to Make a Proven Perfect -

How to Cocktail: Proven Perfect
Top bartender Allison Widdecombe’s original recipe blends Oolong tea with a Manhattan-inspired formula for a dry, bourbon-forward cocktail. Learn how to make the Proven Perfect cocktail now.

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2 oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon
.5 oz Oolong tea-infused ruby port*
.5 oz Amère Nouvelle
Barspoon Fernet-Branca

Garnish: Lemon peel
Glass: Cocktail or coupe

*Oolong tea-infused ruby port
8 oz Loose-leaf oolong tea
1–750 mL bottle Ruby port

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  1. As a Portuguese I'm glad to see that you use true Port wine, from the Douro region in Portugal. If it's not coming from here it's not real Port.

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