How to make a romper out of a T-Shirt

How to make a romper out of a T-Shirt

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I made this romper to go with my Pikachu hat for the Anime Convention. It’s simple, easy and definitely comfortable to wear.

Rompers are becoming so popular. It can be chic, it can be edgy, it can be youthful. Dress it up or dress it down you can’t go wrong with a romper.

Satin ribbon: Hancock Fabrics
T-Shirt: Walgreens 5 for .00!

Spring Cleaning by Jeepis
Rain by MegaWolf77

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  1. I love you video tutorials! I`m doing a show called for the love of fashion and cosplay, episode 1 is up. Maybe I can do a tutorial inspired by your videos.

  2. Can you do a DIY for the leggings you're wearing at the end please? This is an awesome DIY and I love your videos! Keep being awesome!

  3. If you just want a pair of shorts, don't cut the band in half like she did. Instead of cutting the band, fold it in half to form a waistband. Just fit the band inside the shorts right sides together, sew it together, and then turn the shorts right side out. Does that make sense? If you google "t shirt to shorts tutorial" you'll find some good blog posts with step by step instructions. 🙂

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