How to make Beer Cold in 45 seconds!

How to make Beer Cold in 45 seconds!

Tyler showing me how to quickly make a beer go from look warm to ice cold with nothing more than a drill, cold water and a modified thermos lid.


  1. The spinning forces the hotter liquid to spin outward because of false gravity. You know how hot goes up. So the hot part of the liquid is forced against the side of the can in contact with the ice water cooling it real quick. I just saw an ad for a Rankine vortex cooling system in the UK with their patented system LOL . They patented spinning things in cold water.

  2. There's nothing magical about flicking a carbonated can before opening it. Doing this does absolutely nothing to prevent it from foaming. Monkey see monkey do. So stop doing it.

  3. too much work especially when you have an industrial size ice machine next too you. thats like walking across town when there is a store next door.

  4. Haha! I'm 34 years old. Caring what other people think of me is a distant memory. Showing off, more so. Thanks for the sarcastic compliment though. I am quite well educated. 😀

  5. You can do the same thing by turning the can sideways and rolling it by hand over just ice. It only takes about 100 rotations.

  6. Hmm.. I don't think it is. Forced convection is basically like stirring, or in the case of gases like using a fan, whereas this method doesn't seem to agitate the fluid (much) at all. The whole mass of fluid is set to rotate like a solid body. Otherwise the beer would froth up when the ring was pulled.

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