How To Make Gnocchi | Gennaro Contaldo | Jamie’s Comfort Food

How To Make Gnocchi | Gennaro Contaldo | Jamie’s Comfort Food

Gennaro’s back with love and passions Food Tubers! Showing you how to make gnocchi in a beautifully thick squash sauce infused with chilli and rosemary – the perfect teatime recipe. This tasty offering is one of 100 new recipes from Jamie’s new Comfort Food book. So why not pick up a copy this weekend and spoil yourself with something delicious.
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  1. Once he came to Newcastle and taught school kids how to make Ravioli with this squash sauce and I was a volunteer helping out that time, he was super friendly and cool!!

    Please come back Mr. Gennaro!!

  2. I love you Gennaro your my inspiration to start cooking, I've also signed up for a culinary program in Rome. Best wishes!

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