How to Make Gnocchi

How to Make Gnocchi

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Learn to make these tiny Italian potato dumplings and try them with your favorite sauce instead of traditional pasta.

Step 1: Bake the potatoes
Bake the unpeeled potatoes in a 350 degree oven for about an hour, until fork tender.

Step 2: Cool the potatoes
Let the potatoes cool until you can just handle them.

Step 3: Rice the potatoes
Scoop out the inside of the potatoes and discard the skins. Pass the potatoes through a ricer.

If you donโ€™t have a ricer, mash the potatoes lightly with a fork.

Step 4: Make dough
Add the beaten egg yolks, flour, and salt to the potatoes to form a dough.

Do not over-mix the dough. You want your gnocchi to be light. Over-mixing or adding too much flour will make them heavy.

Step 5: Roll the dough
Roll the dough by hand, on a floured surface, into three-quarter-inch rolls.

Treat the dough lightly. Gently roll out the dough with your fingertips without pressing down hard or compressing it.

Step 6: Cut the dough
Cut the rolls into one-inch pieces. They should look like little dumplings. Use your fingertip or the tines of a fork to make a slight indentation in each one.

Step 7: Cook the gnocchi
Cook the gnocchi in batches, about 20 at a time, in gently boiling salted water. Remove them when they rise to the top. Then drain the water and place them on a platter.

Step 8: Sauce and serve
Serve the gnocchi with warm pasta sauce or simply butter and parmesan cheese.

Did You Know?
Did you know? The Friuli region of Italy is known for sweet gnocchi made with plums, flour, and potatoes.


  1. my mom used to smash them on her fork so her grandfather would just tell her to go do something else and then she would play in the basement

  2. @telescopereplicator dude, this is howcast, not a cooking guide, yes they cook like 8 year old kids, but itยดs just how to MAKE THE gnocchi, not how to make the PERFECT gnocchi

  3. Whoever cooked this….he or she does not know all about gnocchi. A fair amount of sauce should be made in a pan. Once the gnocchi is cooked, it should be put in the pan, with the sauce. Stirr well, then put it on a plate. NEVER put the sauce on a plate of dry gnocchi. The sauce should be absorbed partially by the gnocchi. It really makes a difference. And the gnocchi stays warmer, a bit longer.
    No…this a bad cook.

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