How to Make Homemade Dishwasher Detergent | At Home With P. Allen Smith

How to Make Homemade Dishwasher Detergent | At Home With P. Allen Smith

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Today, Allen shows you a super easy recipe for homemade dishwashing detergent. It’s better for the environment and easy on your wallet!

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  1. i trade the recipe but a get a with film in my dishes, and i use some vinegar with but i did not get a good result please i need help with that 

  2. I tried this recipe and its horrible. I thought I was going to save money, but ended up wasting borax,washing soda and Epsom salt. I have been using vinegar in my rinse aid for some time and I was happy with the results. After putting this detergent mix in my dishwasher, it left a nasty white film all over my dishes, even with the vinegar! I ended up having to rewash them by hand. After reviewing the video carefully, I noticed P. Allen Smith's dishwasher as he is putting more into the compartment. It has the same yucky film all over his stainless steel door! Gross! I'm pissed!

  3. oh my gosh it really makes sense! Thanks so much because we truly have to take care of our enviorment  and I realize its truly never too late to start. Love these wonderful and safe ideas!

  4. Add a one or two tablespoon of Citric Acid to the mixture above to get your glassware to not have a film. Also, Citric acid is food safe and will help to clean the dishwasher. Citric Acid is sold where canning supplies is found and can be purchased online or at the health food stores

  5. yes add one Tbsp Citric Acid to the mixture and that helps to get your glassware have a clear rinse. You can get the citric acid where they sell canning supplies and also at the health food store. Adding the citric acid also helps to clean your dishwasher. Hope that helps

  6. I just did this with Zote! I wanted Fels-naptha but couldn't find it in the local grocery. It is so cool! 5 gallons for less than $10!!

  7. tried it and got white film dusty dishes like everyone else. I also used the vinegar. Does anyone have a remedy that has had this problem?

  8. I made a 5 gal. patch of homemade laundry soap using Baking soda washing soap, borax and a bar of Fels-naptha soap and it works great! It's liquid and there is no powder film and no suds. Sweet huh?

  9. I know if I had a good dishwasher this would work better but I also get white film on mine. I have added the vinegar too. 🙁

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