How To Make Homemade Wine From Grape Juice – Inmate Brew

How To Make Homemade Wine From Grape Juice - Inmate Brew

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How to make homemade wine from storebought grape juice.

I wanted to find a quick and easy way to make wine without the use of special ingredients or equipment. The wine recipe in this video uses storebought ingredients and no special homebrewing equipment such as airlocks, carboys and brewer’s yeast.

Some folks call this inmate brew, but it’s not really inmate brew. Inmate brew uses bread, raisins, and something from the toilet. In fact, inmate brew may use a variety of things that when fermented will create an alcoholic beverage.

Ingredients for winemaking in the video are:

64 fluid ounces of 100% grape juice from concentrate
1 packet of active dry yeast

No equipment is required other than the jug the grape juice came in from the store.

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  1. can you get sick in any way from making wine like this? i made 4 bottles like this but im alittle nervous to start drinking it?

  2. Next time try to make your own wine with real grapes. It's much more fun and it will tastes much more better :)

  3. please help me i made wine and i left it for 14 day for fermentation then when i taste it it was horrible I don't mind to drink but when I drink it it burns my throat really I think it's harm to drink it please i want a solution for this big problem i been waiting for 14 days

  4. Hi its winter time here temp at night drops to 2 degree Celsius and days are 15 to 17 degree Celsius where can I put my wine so I won't have trouble with fermentation process can I just put it in my closet ? Kindly help with answer thanks love the video

  5. sugar is in the grape juice. also grapes produce natural sugar. but when you make wine you need to add some sugar or you'll have vinegar. next time 1-2 cups suagr to the amount u just used. you said you wanted to keep it simple. so do i. adding sugar is still keeping it simple.

  6. I've got a gallon and a half of this stuff ready to be siphoned off under the stairs. This process really makes a good tasting hooch. Rock on, man!

  7. I actually started doing mines, and I didn't realize I got one that said a blend of Concord grapes with other grapes from concentrate with added ingredients. would this still work????? also no added sugar

  8. If you did want 2 put sugar in it when would you put the sugar in it? Would you do it at the same time you add the yeast?

  9. Does it actually have any alcohol in it after the 2 weeks are finished ….? Its my first time trying this or even searching on how to make this… Please respond as soon as possible

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