How to Make Ozoni-New Year Japanese Rice Cake Soup Recipe (お雑煮の作り方)

How to Make Ozoni-New Year Japanese Rice Cake Soup Recipe (お雑煮の作り方)

Ozoni is a traditional Japanese New Year’s Soup that’s eaten on the first day of the new year. It’s an essential part of the new year festivities in Japan.
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Serves 4

1/2 chicken thigh, cut into bite-sized pieces
1 bunch Komatsuna ( Japanese mustard spinach )
2 inches of Kamaboko (fish cake)
Yuzu peel (you can substitute lemon if you can’t find yuzu)
4-8 blocks of square mochi (rice cake)
4 cups dashi (japanese soup stock)
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon sake
salt to taste
*We’ve also added FU ( round gluten balls ) but this is optional as it’s difficult to find outside Japan.

1.Put the chicken with water into a saucepan. Cook for 3-5 minutes until just cooked. Do not overcook. Take it out and set aside.
2.Replace the saucepan with fresh water. Cook the komatsuna for 30-40 seconds. Take out and immediately immserse in cold water.
3. Squeeze out excess water out of the komatsuna. Place on cutting board and cut into 2-inch slices. Set aside.
4. Heat dashi in a pot to boiling. Reduce heat to low. Add chicken, kamaboko and Fu( optional ). Set aside.
5. Grill mochi in toaster oven or grill until the mochi puffs up. Watch carefully and don’t let it burn.
7. Pour ozoni soup into individual bowls. Place mochi on top. Garnish with komatsuna and yuzu. Serve hot.

Check out our video on “How to make dashi”.

Here are some links to hard-to-find products.

If you can’t find fresh yuzu, yuzu juice makes a great alternative.
Yuzu juice

We like this brand of mochi best. Easy to use and good too.

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・鶏もも肉  100g(一口大に切っておく)
・小松菜   1把
・かまぼこ  5cm程度
・麩      適量
・角餅    4個
・醤油    大さじ1
・ダシ汁   4カップ
・酒      大さじ1
・塩      少々



  1. Hey my Friends !!! Hope Y'all are Well !!! This was a Wonderful Recipe , I really Enjoyed it !!! Your Ozoni looks like a Spiritual Taste Experience !!! Great Job … Happy Happy New Year my Friends … Take Care  , Fritz … 

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