How To Make Pasta Shapes | Jamie’s Comfort Food | Gennaro Contaldo

How To Make Pasta Shapes | Jamie's Comfort Food | Gennaro Contaldo

Hey Food Tubers! Gennaro is here to show you how to make a variety of pasta shapes at home. Fresh, rich, satisfying and surprisingly simple to make.

For some great inspiring recipes that use these pasta shapes take a look at Jamie’s new Comfort Food book. Available now on Amazon: and in all good bookshops. So why not pick up a copy today and stock up on your pasta supplies!

‘Jamie’s Comfort Food’ the TV series is currently on Channel4 in the UK every Monday at 8pm and available to watch again at (UK only)

What’s your favourite pasta shape Food Tubers? Tell us in the comments box below.

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  1. There are times where I wish I was Italian so I could have a grandfather like Gennaro to teach me how to cook authentic Italian. He's everyone's Italian grandfather we wish we had. I love your passion and love for cooking, Mr. Contaldo!

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