How To Make Perfect Risotto 4 ways | Gennaro Contaldo

How To Make Perfect Risotto 4 ways | Gennaro Contaldo

This unique interactive video shows you how to make 4 easy risotto recipes from scratch. The wonderful Gennaro teaches you how to make Risotto Bianco – the base of all great risottos – and then turns them into three more wonderful dishes.

If you cannot use the on-screen links here they are again:

Risotto Bianco |
Mushroom Risotto |
Pumpkin Risotto |
Asparagus Risotto |

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We shot this on location in Italy at the beautiful Aquellero Risotto Rice Estate:
Their hospitality was incredible and produce divine.

Find the recipe here:

Links from the video:
Stock |
Strawberry Risotto |
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  1. More Contaldo's recipies on the web, please…!! They are also very tasty, I am Italian but my mother said always that men has to cook for wonen.

  2. AMAZING DISHES!! You are such a a great chef with such a warm and inviting sense of humor! Keep it up. You put a smile on my face! ☺️

  3. Gennaro makes everything look so good and easy will love to taste his food, come with Jamie to Minnesota at the Mall of America and put a show on please.

  4. A tip if you're vegetarian. Instead of using chicken stock for the mushroom risotto, use the water you used to reconstitute the mushrooms. It works perfectly and makes it taste that much more mushroomy.

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