How to make Red Wine at home

How to make Red Wine at home

Quick video showing the stages and ingredients needed to make a basic red table wine of approx. 12% ABV.
Supermarket grape juice can sometimes be hard to source, and I got lucky with this bottled stuff which cost only £3.
once you achieve an SG of 1.080 – ensured you have sanitised all your equipment and ensure a constant temperature you should have a very healthy primary fermentation once the yeast is added. take regular hydrometer readings and ‘stop’ the wine when it reaches 1.000 or below depending on how dry you like it. Add finings, leave for a few days then syphon off into clean container, de-gas and bottle.- that’s it pretty much 🙂

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  1. Good video, thanks. I hope you get time to show degassing and bottling, as I have not done that to mine yet. Cheers.

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