How to make red

How to make red

If you can’t hear what Eric Walberg is saying: Red table wines
Most important thing is the grape. Starting out with really high quality fruit. Once you get the fruit into your winery is sorting out all the clusters and moving out all the material other than the grapes.
It helps prevents more problems later down the road.
You then decide to make your red wine; you crush the grapes with your feet or by a machine. A lot of machine’s now days they rip off all the stems. So rip off all the stems before crushing the grapes with your feet.
Then you can give your crushed grapes a cold soak for two or three days. Without adding any yeast. That’s with dry ice. It chills the wine below temperature that yeast can survive and thrive in. Once it starts to warm up in three days, you add a yeast that is specifically for red wines, There are many types of yeasts available which will give different nuances of flavor to your wine. Some people like to use wild yeast, but it’s really difficult to get all the yeast to complete fermentation. So it’s problematic in it’s self.
Once you inoculated it’s just the matter of monitoring, checking the temperature and sugar levels and follow the fermentation by letting the yeast do all the work. Sometimes you can add nutrition for the yeasts to complete the job. That added nutrition could be dead yeast, particular nutrients such as B vitamins to help the yeast with the fermentation. Once the fermentation is completed I press it in a press basket, the wine comes out, settle it then put it into a barrels, that’s called racking. When you rack it a number of times then at some point… one or two years down the road you can bottle it. And that’s the story about making a great table wine.

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