How to Make Rice Wine 米酒

How to Make Rice Wine 米酒

How to Make Rice Wine 米酒
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  1. After one month, do I take out the rice first before I put in the rock candy? Also, does the one year fermentation happen in the bucket or in a bottle? Also did you have an airlock on the lid?

  2. thank you….but my rice wine after 9 days is SOOO STRONG…like 20% alcohol…so i wonder why we need to do 365 days….i have no time for 365 days…doing only 7 days and its really good already…

  3. I don't know why you need 1 year, as others only need 1-4 weeks maximum…while your method is 365 days…so i am curious what's the alcohol content level is compared to 1-4 weeks

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