How to Make Soccer Work in America

How to Make Soccer Work in America

Seven actual serious pieces of advice to make soccer work – or at least work better – in this country. Keith explains.

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  1. Coming from england I agree with most of what was said here but if america truly wants to be a part of a world sport they cant start fucking with the rules and sticking adverts in every 4 min. Nearly every popular game in america started as an english sport which America then twisted, resulting in them alienating themselves from the international community. Also I dont think that naming the teams after the city they represent is copying it just makes sense. I genuinely want america to adopt the sport as it would improve the quality of the game! thats a fact that seems lost on people across the pond.

  2. Believe me where ever corporates go the grass will never grown again. Look at how corporates have made European football looking very boring.

  3. He has a point especially for the MLS names. They need to be about American culture and still fit into international football culture too. FC Dallas and New York City might be attempts to promote the cities but its an attempt from a British point of view, not an American one. Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers, Vancouver Whitecaps, Chicago Fire, San Jose Earthquakes, Philadelphia Union and New England Revolution all have appropriate American names. Not only that, but they're not meaningless names like Seahawks, Royals or Bulls. Each of those names has a specific tie to that area's history or geography which is necessary for the world game. Deliberately unamerican names like Sporting KC and Real Salt Lake are just ridiculous and need to go asap. And call it soccer if you need to keep it distinct from gridiron, but Orlando City and Columbus Crew are Football clubs and they should be officially named as such. Sorry but gridiron is only one code of football and whether you like it or not, soccer is a code of football too, and it has finally arrived in North America.

  4. Very funny! Enjoyed it! but just one thing,the way the Americans pronounce Pele! you pronounce it "Paylay" when the rest of the world pronounce it "Pell-ay"!
    C`mon !
    Nearly as bad as the way you pronounce Nokia,you say it "know-kee-ah" when the rest of the world including Nokia themselves pronounce it "Knock-ee-ah"!

  5. Oberman seriously could have been talking about Aussie soccer fans – they also just spend all their time aping the English and other Euros and their entire obsession for the sport is little more than an affectation

  6. he's stupid, shouldn't have a program. He probably never had any skill to play any sport, fucking racist. Fútbol is the biggest and most watched sport in history , like it or not idiota.

  7. football will never be big in america simply because americans suck at it. and we all know americans only like things they're good at and football clearly isn't one

  8. sadly not for getting to teams who had American named Clubs Tamp Bay Muntiny and Miami Fusion not because they had they demise but you can named the US soccer club as far theses two well you just need two rich S.O.B who are keen soccer lover's at that too to bring theses two clubs back

  9. the only soccer team in American named is called New England Revolution you did had Kensas wizards be for it was called sporting Kensas City but hey look at the USL League they have plenty of US soccer clubs have American named team like New York Cosmos Tampa Bay Rowdies

  10. The biggest turnoff about this sport…the way they ham it up and act like they just suffered a career altering injury only to get up, shake it off,  and play on…infuriating!

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