How to make Soy Candle Tart Melts Tutorial with Essential Soap

How to make Soy Candle Tart Melts Tutorial with Essential Soap

How to make Soy Tart Melts with Essential Depot Essential Oils and Peak Candles Soy Wax and Clam Shells. See me make Giggle Melts, Sinus Clearing Melts, Spirit Lifting Tarts, Floral Tarts and Citrus Tart Melts.
See me opening the box on my supplies i used to make these melts

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  1. I have a problem I made some tarts but in a.week after I made tarts the oil came to the surface what did o do wrong and can o fix them or do I have to toss them

  2. hi Kim can you use fo instead of eo and get the same effect in the relaxing tart also if I only 5 how many oz would I make please reply

  3. Hello, I enjoy your videos..Will be very helpful for us to learn if you write the recipes and fragrance combinations underneath your videos…thanks

  4. Hey Kim, been watching your videos and used your affiliate link to ED. At Azrac international, they have clam shell voltive candles. Just an FYI …super easy to use. I'm doing my clam shells now for x-mas :). Have a good day

  5. Hi Kimberly – I wanted to ask you a question. You are using a container blend soy – Does these  release good from the clam shells?  I bought some soy container blend on mistake from Rustic and I wanted to ask you how did they come out? I wish we could soap together sometime. I just live "up the road" from you in Hazel Green 🙂 Enjoy watching you 🙂 God Bless.

  6. sounds good enough to eat! what kind of oils are those? are they equivalent/same to the oils used on oil burners?

  7. i have a few questions i hope you can help me with, firstly is essential oils better than fragrance oils as ive heard you lose ALOT less with essential and thus saving more money, also what is the dye you buy?? is it just wax dye? when i look on ebay there is so many different types of fragrances / essential oils im not sure what to use with wax melts and the same with dyes im worried i will order the wrong stuff 🙁 thanks in advance for your help x

  8. Hi Kim I've watch this video several times to make sure I get the right products I finally got all the products, Now that I have everything I'm afraid I'm going to mess up. I know you said to use a 11/2 ozs of essential oil per pound of soap' if I don't want to do a pond at first I only want to do 1 clam shell how much oil would I use, just to do a test, before I do a big batch, THanks for such a great video awesome job A'nna

  9. Hi just a tip on weighing your wax always way your empty container first so you can subtract that and know the weight of the actual wax! Loved the video! :)

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