How To Make The Perfect Martini

How To Make The Perfect Martini

How to make the perfect martini – Martini recipe

Martinis are always cool, whether shaken or stirred. Mixologist Allen Katz shows you how to mix a mean martini, making the perfect cocktail. Check out for more.


  1. 2:15 heck no. I was really thinking : why are you using so little vermouth??? 2 : 1 for me, please. With orange bitters and a lemon twist.

  2. he's right vodka gives a vodkatini,true dry martini use gin and is so much tastier(in my opinion).you could also try a dash of orange bitters in it,specially if you serve with a lemon peel instead of olives,and it adds a little something more to a drink that's quite simple to make…

  3. He was so busy talking and running his mouth he did not explain the jigger steps. He was pouring and not explaining the measurements etc.

  4. Ok the title to this vid can be confusing. This cocktail is a Classic Martini (or 'perfect' Classic Martini). But it is not a Perfect Martini which is something different altogether.

  5. July 5, 2015
    This video is great. There are two types of martini drinkers, gin (the old style) and vodka ( the new generation). I applaude them both because it is the ambiance of making and drinking a maritini that no other drink can compare. Whether on a sailboat, or on a Greek island in the Carribean or at a local bar listening to music, sipping a martini brings a certain appreciation of your environment that is unique. I am a local writer in Monterey County, Calif. and have traveled halfway around the world and say to you martini drinkers you are a special group that enjoys life for those that drink in moderation.

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