How To Make Travel Videos – (Editing & Shooting)

How To Make Travel Videos - (Editing & Shooting)

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Back in Tarifa!

This video goes over an analogy I came up with that explains how you should view the filming and editing process, to make better videos – (travel videos, vlogs, documentaries, anything).

When shooting you go out and get your shots – your ‘materials’ or ‘bricks’.

Then when editing you put these bricks together to build your ‘wall’ – (your video)

It sounds simple but by viewing this way you’ll be able to hone down on where you’re going wrong and how can you improve over and over again, whilst having a lot more fun doing it.

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  1. Hey helpful video men! Thanks! Which stabilizer do you usually use, like the one of the middle part of the video?

  2. Great advice Thomas. A good thing for new YouTubers to adopt and a good reminder for those who have been filming and editing for a while

  3. Great informative video Thomas 🙂 Love watching your short informative videos and they always give me new ideas when filming 🙂 Thanks

  4. Another great video, Thomas! Very informative. Beautiful English countryside! Much different from SW Florida.

  5. Going on a grad trip to euro next year, planning on making a video for everyone going, definitely going to take all your advice for making it.

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