How to make Wiener Schnitzel

How to make Wiener Schnitzel

Seasonal’s Michelin-starred chef teaches me how to make Wiener schnitzel, one of their most popular dishes.


  1. As an Austrian I have to say its not a bad video, better than the German efforts I saw on youtube but you should salt the meat before breading it (no pepper).
    We serve it with some lemon to sprinkle over the Schnitzel. Regarding salads we serve only green or potato salad, no coleslaw. You can serve it with rice & peas or with cooked potatoes flavored with butter and parsley alternatively.

  2. The background noise was quite distracting but the video overall was very helpful. Thanks for putting this up for us.

  3. It's disappointing to see him drop those Schnitzels in the deep fryer like that. They curled up  and ended up not even looking good.

  4. bs…. butter and only butter, clarified butter is better to fry than oil… what a crap , deep fried , fast food not a schnitzel,

  5. The old Italian (original) recipes hardly use any cheese or ham. Meat was very expensive back then and almost unheard of among peasants, who came up with cheap, vegie-based sauces, like sauce Bolognese (yes, sauce Bolognese was all-veggies originally). Only recently has stuff that is meat-based taken over and ingredients like tomatoes, which weren't even available in Europe just a few centuries ago (same goes for typically German stuff, like everything potatoe-based).

  6. Back in the 60s onto the market came margarine, during the 70s i learned in hs that margarine was a derivative of petroleum, in '06 i learned here on YouTube that its only 1 or 2 grades away from being plastic, what is it with us all, a little research into what's healthy and we should be able to steer clear from margarine, GMO cooking oil, canola oil and use only the healthy oils and butter of course. Like there are vids here on YT that extol the virtues of lard!

  7. I use butter incessantly. And I am 6-1-1/2. Weigh only about 150 to 160 lbs.
    Fettucine Alfredo with lots of butter, riccotta, Pecorino Romano or Reggiano, peas, et voila. MDs would say you shouldn't do that. Italian food is centuries old, and one of the best cuisines on earth (along with Indian, Thai, Greek, etc.).

  8. Stupid yank, frying on butter (and saturated fats in general) is a way healthier than as you say "modern way of cooking with canola oil" x-D

    Cannot believe that this guy is a professional cook!

  9. yeah great point ya make here,….and most other oils should be avoided except peanut and coconut oil, and have ya read that butter and rendered lard is actually way more healthier than the standard vegetable oils?

  10. yep,….milanesa,…from milan, italy? So the schnitzel crossed over into italy, then from there westward into france, spain and portugal and the rest is history,….milanesa with fries, crispy green salad, with fresh baked tortillas! Saludos desde kerétaro mi Héctor!! =)

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