How to make wine in Bulgaria

How to make wine in Bulgaria

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  1. The job is done with a lot of dedication and love which are essential in wine making but I think that for such a little quantity of grape/wine you definitely do not need such an expensive and expedient equipment. Using simple but proved local techniques you could do the same job manually for 2-3 hours for removing the stakes manually and then another 1-2 hours for extracting the juice out of must or in total 5-6 hours in two separate days. You have spent a lot of money, no less than 3-4 thousands levs which for 150 liters of wine per year does not make much sense. For that money you could buy 200 liters of wine a year from your neighbours for ten years and you could buy different wines and pick the best ones. If you would like to make use of this machine you should produce much more wine. Probably you are very popular among your neighbours for that extricate equipment.- one free advice-do not borrow the machine to strangers.
    Anyway good luck with wine making in Bulgaria, I hope your wine is great , you put so much passion in it. Наздраве!

  2. When Messiah turn water into wine He was giving proof that He is the Creator and that He is able to change the molecular structure and bypass the process necessary in making wine. Just as at the beginning He created all things with a history. The wine being served tasted as if it had a history. 

  3. That's not how they make traditional wine here in Portugal its all natural ! No need for yeast silly, or added sugar the grapes naturally ferment by them selves ……

  4. It really depends on various factors such as starting gravity (brix), yeast type (some ferment fast, some slow) and maybe most important is fermentation temp.
    at 30c you can reach dryness in 4-5 days when starting at 25 brix.
    in a cold storage space in europe you might be at 18-22c and drop every night when it gets cold so it can take 13-14 days to finish.
    Main thing is to test it with a hydrometer which should show anywhere between -2 to 0 brix. (-2 usually means completly dry given 25 brix).

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