How to Make Wine the Easy Way At Home

How to Make Wine the Easy Way At Home

How to Make Wine the Easy Way At Home. In this Instruct-able I will show you how to make Red Wine. I will give you the precise recipe for making homemade wine that is indistinguishable from the finest Cab bought from the local liquor store!


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  2. I made it for the first time & it was great. I gave it about 10 days not 7. I just cranked down the plastic cap as tightly as I could by hand and put a very small hole through the center of cap to vent, no special airlock cap needed!  :)

  3. I also found useful for how to make wine from concentrated fruit juice
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  4. Yeah that's the good one. Still I found another good one. That's available on Google. You can search it by type corbandy tasty wine crusher.

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  6. can i use a bread yeast? and what is the exact amount or measurement of  yeast and sugar in a 1 liter of juice?

  7. mate enough respect for posting this vid, and showing us how you do it, but fair play your nuts 
    (meant in a good way) i'm going to try your method and see how it goes (only because of your personality 🙂 )

  8. Yes, you may. I have a short video on here that just shows the bottles that I made last year before I started using the real airlocks. 

  9. I make this kind of wine frequently. One thing he failed to mention was to sanitize all your equiptment first or you might end up with vinegar instead of wine.  You can use 1/2 tsp. of plain bleach in gallon of water as sanitizer after prewashing with detergent. As to the time it takes to ferment. Usually it's about 1 to 2 weeks.  If you are using a condom airlock – when it deflates it's finished and should be capped, refrigerated and is ready to drink.  If you are using a purchased airlock like in this video, they can be bought pretty inexpensively online and are reusable, How to make airlock for that bottle (drill a hole or burn a hole with a soldering needle about 3/8" diameter, in another bottle lid of same size, insert a 3/8 inch rubber grommet in the hole you made in lid.  that let's you shove the airlock down into it for an air tight fit).  You can get the grommets cheaper online than at hardware stores look in the wine making section. Again if using this kind of airlock when all bubbling stops – it is finished fermenting and is ready to be refrigerated and consumed.  Enjoy! 

  10. Its eaiser to fit a condom over a bottle like that..
    Yes I said a condom, make sure it a dry condom and before
    you open it take a pin and make a hole in the condom while it
    is still in the package, the hole allows the co2 to escape with out letting any air in…

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