How to make your own beer! Easy small batch brewing!

How to make your own beer!  Easy small batch brewing!

These step by step how to brew instructions teach you how to make a small batch of homebrew in your kitchen. Making your own beer at home is fun and rewarding! Making small batches of beer or homebrew is easier, less time consuming, and more do-able for the casual brewer. Small batches of homebrew are also great for experimenting with new and fun ingredients. Give this video a look and learn how to make your own beer the small batch homebrew way!


  1. Would have liked for you to have mentioned amount of fermentation time in the video (I did finally see it in the comments).  Also, would have loved a follow-up video on bottling and finished product.

  2. great video, thanks! I think ill start with a small batch like this on my first brew and then move up! Damn to living in hot LA though…

  3. who keeps their house above 68?  even in winter i keep mine at 65. nice video!  do brewery supply stores carry small buckets or did you make your own?

  4. Heidi, yes it is possible but the fridge needs to be maintained between 65ish to 70ish degrees F. This can be accomplished with either an analog or digital thermostat. Simply plug the fridge into the thermostat and set the appropriate temperature and you are good to go. Of course, if you are brewing a lager instead of an ale you are looking for the 45-50 degree range, which could easily be accomplished with a standard fridge without an additional thermostat.

  5. For doing a 12 pack size batch all you really need to do is look at a traditional size batch (5-6) gallons and divide by 4. For example if you would normally use 6 pounds of DME, and 1 pound of a particular specialty grain for a big batch then you would use 1.5 pounds of DME and 0.25 pounds of the specialty grains. For hops, 1 ounce is about 28 grams, so you would use 7 grams for every 1 once in a big batch. That's one thing I love about this is it makes scaling batches really easy. Cheers!

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