**How to make your shoes bowless and comfortable**

**How to make your shoes bowless and comfortable**

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Sick of dangling bows hanging off the top of your shoes?
Sick of dealing with shoelaces shoved inside your shoes just to get rid of the bow?
*Insanely comfortable fitting shoes.
*No more bows or knots behind the tongue.
*No more discomfort.
*No more tucking in laces.
*No more dangling bows.
Just clean, comfortable, bowless, shoes that look and fit legit!
You will never have to tie your shoes again once Lace Anchors are installed. They keep your shoes tight and fitting right. They also allow you to create custom shoelace patterns. Check out our other videos for other cool ways to lace your shoes. This is the best way to KNOT tie your shoes!


  1. This is a genius idea, but couldn't you just use a couple small washers instead of paying $10 for these little plastic things? Washers are probably more durable and would end up lying just as flat inside your shoe.

  2. It looks like it's easy. But I was wondering how the shoe would never be to loose. I mean shoes often ends up being loose. But at running you'll have to have them laced up tight. How can I do that?

  3. So buying these in the future. Sick and tired of Vans having such long laces when there aren't a lot of loops on the shoe.

  4. I'm trying to find a way to get the laces hidden but nothing wrecked cause I got new DCs and there the spartan hi WC so I put them in the tounge loop

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