How To Make Your Trade Show A Success (4 Easy Tips!)

How To Make Your Trade Show A Success (4 Easy Tips!)

Of the many mistakes small business owners make, a big one is participating in trade shows and business expos without a strategy for turning those marketing opportunities into sales. Here are 4 keys to ensuring it’s a success for your business. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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Don’t Waste Money on Trade Shows and Business Expos (Video)

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  1. Nice video Denise!
    A major change exhibitors have to make is to follow-up. Over 70% of leads collected on trade shows are never followed-through.
    The main reason for that lack of follow-up is a poor planning and a bad recording of leads information.
    In 2016, it is time to go digital! At we focus on giving digital solutions for exhibitors to capture leads from their booth. Save all visitors details in an efficient and standardized way and consolidate everything your staff has collected in one place. Following-up becomes much easier and faster that way and your business event becomes a real success!

  2. Are you doing trade shows or business expos the right way? Done wrong, they can suck tons of $$$ out of your business. Here are 4 easy tips to make sure that doesn't happen.

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