How to Master Risotto

How to Master Risotto

Risotto calls for stirring hot stock or broth into rice as it cooks, sounds simple right? Well, with a little practice and a bit of patience your risotto is guaranteed not to be gummy, overcooked, or just flavorfless rice.

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  1. Okay, the chefs on Hell's Kitchen who screw up risottos all the time should definitely watch this video.

  2. Your ignorance is staggering. There is only ONE way to do risotto…otherwise you can call it something else. I can see that your blinding ignorance of the importance of history into food is too big to actually understand the value of it. Let me finish with a say of English language: 'you are what you eat' …and you Sir are a fake.

    P.S. Your rice needs to be cook longer!

  3. You are a talented chef, but….STOP STOP STOP to continuously repeating the same mistake! This recipe (like many others) has history behind it! It is called culinary art for something, I don't put colour on a canvas and I say this is a Picasso. There are millennium behind some of the recipes, learn them! The original recipe doesn't have olive oil, discover what is the original ingredient if you want to be a real chef. I personally feel insulted, call it cooked rice do not call it risotto. I wish Italian Government will find a legal formula to bring people to court when they say "it is Italian". Thank you.

  4. Stirring in the stock into the rice takes about 20-25 minutes(4:55 mark) and the whole dish takes about 20 minutes(7:24 mark)? Do you recommend cooking this dish with a Tardis or DeLorean? Or do you recommend some other time altering devices?

  5. I love it! I could eat this every day! The risotto I used to make was very dry and it tasted just like rice…now I know the secret to perfect dish. Everybody in my family loves it. I also wanted to make it vegan and substituted cream and butter to canned coconut milk and yummmmm so delicious! Thank you for inspiration, I enjoy your videos, it is very helpful :)

  6. I suggest using butter and a touch of olive oil instead of just olive oil when coocking the chopped onion. That's how we do it in Italy, it really makes a big difference.

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