How to Negotiate a Car Deal!

How to Negotiate a Car Deal!

I go over some basics of car negotiating that I’ve learned from negotiating several deals for friends, family and myself over the years.
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  1. I recently bought a car, and it's a good idea not to buy the day you test drive it. They will call you back the next day and offer you the car for a lower cost. I didn't even intend on buying the one I looked at, which is a scion tC. Then they came down 3k for me, it was a really good deal I'm glad I didn't buy it the day I looked at it tbh.

  2. Unless I feel like I am completely being raped I would never negiotiate with anyone be it with cars be it with whatever. its very rude and basically saying you don't trust their offer. its not up for bid you cant just make up prices. if you want to do that shit than just take it to ebay.

  3. I was allowed to test drive a 2013 STI and a Golf R with an APR stage 1 tune from my local Subaru dealership and I'm 21 ( I don't know if being dressed well and the fact I already drive a 2011 GTI helped) by the end of the day I had my oil changed I had two fun test drives and a job offer from them.

  4. you people in the comments have to be retarded he never said to pay asking price he said he was happy with it so that's what he did. before that he said know the price of the car before hand and negotiate from there

  5. Hey I just had to say I usually love your videos and editing but you really shouldn't be giving advise about negotiating….this was some of the worst advise I've ever seen. Always negotiate a better price and be willing to walk if they aren't coming down on price….

  6. NEVER NEVER NEVER go in and say what you want as a car payment, because the dealer will play with interest rates to get you there.. get your own financing, so you know what you should be paying, they will add points to it if they can

  7. the worst thing to do is deal based on monthly payments. So much to play with there. $200 mo for 48 mo or are they playing with 72 month. Did they add in accident and health insurance? Lot of finance mgrs play with the figures and interest rate. They will give you a monthly figure that may sound good to you, but they don't give you full disclosure.

  8. This is such bullshit advice! you have no idea how to negotiate and to give out "advice" to people over this!.. especially after you traded in a subaru brz on a what.. mini?! enough said i think! I work in car sales people, manager for 10 years at one of the biggest dealerships in my country! If you came into my dealership.. I would rape you for every dollar while smiling all the time lol If people listen to your advice, they are asking to be taken advantage of.. and any dealership will take your money if you come in with this bullshit. We have a couple of names for people you in the trade.. you are a "Plum" & a "sucker" just ready for the picking lol! Now I see why the dealerships you buy from love you and let you review their cars I guess!

  9. OMG. I love your car videos, but you have no business giving financial advice to anyone. None. Please don't ever tell anyone to negotiate based on payments. Negotiate based only on the final, out-the-door price on your car. Nail that down before you even begin to discuss financing. You say below that this is a tactic to "not pay more than the car is worth," but…huh?

    Don't think about what you can pay, think about what you can afford. Those two things aren't the same. Advice like yours is why so many Americans are saddled with scary amounts of debt and have very little in savings.

  10. If i were any smart car buyer which i am, i would use Edmund's True Market Value. Kelly Blue Book is so overpriced and literally favors the car dealerships. Edmund's gives you the most accurate value at that moment.

  11. this guy talks a lot but dosent say much , 12 minutes of babble , you dont say to a salesman i want my monthly payments to be xyz , utter crap . try this at arnold clark in scotland and they would laugh into their coffee .

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