How To Negotiate Price On A Property Purchase

How To Negotiate Price On A Property Purchase

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This video will teach you how to negotiate with Real Estate agents when you buy an investment property. How to make an offer, negotiate, deal with objections and play the negotiation game.


  1. True.. but this video is put together for property investors … you will miss out on a property at times by pushing to hard on negotiations … but who cares … it's just an investment property and you should be negotiating on a few at any given time you are looking to buy .. not letting your emotions get involved will see you get a great result …

  2. @jaminunit Thank you for your feedback. I believe it is a great time to invest in Australian property. We are facing a supply and demand challenge where not enough properties are being built to keep up with immigration. Careful research is needed though. Check out our latest video on researching the property market´╗┐

  3. Great video thanks! With the Australian market being one of the last men standing in the global property markets as well as the IMF saying Australia is (conservatively) 10% over inflated do you think its still good for a first home owner who has scrimped and saved for ages to risk it on property and not on something else like precious metals.

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