How to Negotiate The Highest Salary

How to Negotiate The Highest Salary

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What you do during the process of salary negotiation can have a major impact on your income, your lifestyle, and your future. Follow these instructions to achieve the best and highest possible income for yourself.



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  1. I tried this and they hired someone else for $1800/mo. Now I'm on welfare and growing pot in my neighbor's unused garage. I'm making over $8000/mo. Thank you for the video!

  2. Thank you so much for this video! I value and respect the advice coming from someone with experience. Much appreciated.

  3. The hand gestures were cracking me up.  Solid tips though. 
    And always be prepared to walk away!  It's just like negotiating any other price.  If you are the employee they want, they will meet you in the middle somewhere.

  4. This guy doesn't really impress me considering he's in front of a computer and is reading straight off of something…along with his constant moving and hand gestures, but great advice nonetheless. 

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