How to Negotiate the Price of Anything (Haggle like a Pro)

How to Negotiate the Price of Anything (Haggle like a Pro)

Don’t be afraid to speak up! How to negotiate the price of everything from your phone bill to your next TV – learn how to haggle like a pro to save a ton of money this year.


  1. I would never buy behind Ebay. not that i Buy there anymore. you may find yourself losing your money on a scam.

  2. I´ve been trying these for the past two months and work wonders !!! No body refuses , unbelievable! At least they throw free stuff and free shipping as you said !!! BTW you´re petty , you got like the best of young Brooke Shields and Natalia Vodianova in a very unique way. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Under the table ebay deals are really dangerous for the buyer and the seller. Either party can easily scam on these deals and you are out your item or cash. The rest of the stuff is great advice especially Craigslist. You show up with cash in hand most people will most likely give it to you for any price but be prepared to hear no.

  4. Wow you're crazy beautiful and pretty good tips although i wouldn't say girls don't negotiate, they usually dont have to to get the price knocked down.

  5. No woman pay 46% more then men because they buy more, prices for women or 60% lower meaning someone doesn't know how to budget even with a discount.

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