How to open and fix an Azus laptop – no power

How to open and fix an Azus laptop - no power

This laptop would not turn on. Often total electronic failures like a completely dead unit are easier to fix than if the computer only partially worked. The problem with this laptop was the broken connection behind the plug jack. It must have been yanked. To fix it I had to take it totally apart. It took just under 2 hours for me to complete it but I had no video guide to follow and I had never seen it done. So you should be able to do it much faster. If your laptop has no signs of power be sure that it is not just your AC adapter that is bad. I have a video on fixing that too. You should get a multimeter if you are going to work on electronics. Even walmart sells them for under . If you have questions just ask! Good luck!


  1. The power adapter and cable to my HP431 (with the battery removed) delivers power to the laptop as there is a light next to the jack when plugged in. While plugged in, when I press the POWER ON button, the light on the POWER button itself and the light on the WIFI button came up for a split second, then went off. No fan, nothing, just dead. This laptop had thermal shut down problem before, but I bought a cooling fan to rectify this overheating problem. This problem persists for the last several months, for a couple of times, I managed to turn it on, worked for several months, then it unexpected shut down. Do you think this is a power cable issue similar to the one shown on your video?
    Appreciate your comments.

  2. hi! i highly apreciate your video. i wish i watched before.
    here is my question: i have the problem u show in the video, so to test if this was the problem i conected the power to see if the light of the battery was charging and it did. but because i dont have a welder(burner) y tried touching it with a screwdriver and it made a little explotion. after that it didnt work again! what can i do? is the motherboard burnt ? tell me theres is something i could do!!! pleaseee!!!!!
    sorry my english is not very good

  3. Exact same model is what I have and I think I've got the exact same problem but I'm to scared to open it my self and do all this

  4. I have same problem. Replace the connector and instand smoke from it come out right when i plug the dc adapter in. I dont know how to check the short circuit but the everything still work when i connect the battery. Any help?

  5. my laptop wont turn on even a blink. I erroneously used 40-volt output  charger instead of 12v. is there any way to fix it myself following your video? Thanks

  6. Hey, I have the same Asus but different problem. My problem is that it fell and when I turned it back on, I get the error message: "Error loading operating system". Would you know how to fix this or somehow boot windows from a cd or usb? Thanks in advance.

  7. I have a notebook x451ca from asus and this laptop doesn't charge the battery…the instant I take the adapter off the computer shut off instantly. What could the problem be?? pls help :((

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