How to Order and Eat Steak the Right Way – Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 23

How to Order and Eat Steak the Right Way - Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 23

What’s the best way to dine at a modern steakhouse? Is there a perfect temperature you should be asking for? Bowery Meat Co. Executive chef and owner Josh Capon shows us the right way to carve up a juicy tomahawk steak. Subscribe to Zagat’s YouTube channel for more videos:


  1. For those of you that say, "I'll eat it how I want". The purpose of this video is to show you that there are better ways to experience steak. You just haven't tried them yet, or you tried medium rare once at a bad restaurant with a low quality steak. The thinner the steak the harder it is to cook it rare or medium rare and make it healthy to eat. However if you have a GOOD steak like the ones in this video then those are the correct ways to have your steak done. The fat on a steak holds a lot of flavor. That isn't an opinion. That is just truth. If you don't like fat on a steak then you either had a bad steak or your taste buds don't like a lot of flavor on a steak. Nothing wrong with that. We all have different preferences, but don't just shut your mind to better possibilities. Stop eating at bad restaurants and experience steak done right.

  2. Take note, Not one of the cooked options he mention included Well Done. People have this ridiculous notion that Rare/med rare = uncooked because they don't understand that those are actual temperatures and the meat is in fact..cooked. Do yourselves a favor people, use google and learn about internal temperature. Once you do that and realize the meat isn't raw, then you can start to enjoy meat prepared properly. Oh and 134f is a perfectly acceptable temperature to start but not higher than that.

  3. im not a meat person i always get the thinnest slices ever or the dryed beef..and never eat the fat cause it chewy and i throw it up thts y i dont eat hamburgers anymore its gotten worser e.e

  4. can Zagat's/Google not make a pompous video. other than know how you want your steak cooked everything about this video is wrong. you don't cut into the middle of a steak. he wants that so people stop sending back food that shouldn't be. the tomahawk steak is one he likes because he can over charge you for it and get you to pay for a bone you can't eat. as for the the tenderloin that's a weak tasting steak but it cuts nicely and can be up charged.

  5. surely Mr Check Shirt would find it easier bringing his fork to his mouth like a Grow'd up, rather than bobbing his head to the table like a cretin?… or don't people eat correctly in the US?

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