How to Pack Light for Travel and Never Check in Luggage

How to Pack Light for Travel and Never Check in Luggage

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How to pack light as a woman and still look stylish and not check in any luggage when you are traveling to Europe or anywhere for 2 weeks or 1 month. I give you packing tips and secrets to travel like a pro, look great and take all your essentials.

Here are the references made in the video – I LOVE these brands, I have chosen them for great its functionality, versatility & durability:

1. eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Junior
2. Lucy for excellent long-lasting stretchy travel pants.
3. Patagonia or eBags for best MLC: Maximum Legal Carryon luggage.
4. UniQlo for durable, affordable neutral color tops and stylish vest.
5. Baggallini for rain-proof, expandable purse and jewelry organizing bags.
6. Katmandu for high-quality rain jacket.
7. Ecco for excellent, extremely comfortable walking shoes.
8. Sherpani Verve for laptop messenger bag.
9. ExOfficio for the blue sleep shirt.
10. Three Dots for the blue stretching dress.

Packing light and traveling like a pro is a skill that you can learn like any other, and I’ve had to learn this from years of traveling the world and from doing it wrong before getting it right. So in this video, I show you the following in a step-by-step process:

1. How to think about your packing and your travel needs.
2. How to set aside everything you need beforehand.
3. How to create your wardrobe in your mind first.
4. How to choose the best luggage and bags to best protect your stuff.
5. How to roll your clothes instead of folding them for maximum space usage.
6. How to organize all of your essentials in a clean and hygienic way.
7. How to take all of your makeup and toiletries without going overboard.
8. How to feel good and confident about not checking in luggage. Ever.

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Grab the fear-crushing travel guide above complete with instructions on packing like a pro, traveling in style and visiting the world on a budget.


  1. Looks good, I will have to pack lighter than this for my 8-week vacation, but this is a good start and inspiration. Thanks ;)

  2. Great Video! Very useful. Thank you. Can I ask what you thought of this bag? I'm think of getting an ebags weekender convertible for a month trip to Spain and Portugal. I want to travel carry on only but worried if I will be to carry this bag once it's full.

  3. Where did you get your echo shoes. Those are what I have been looking for. I used to have something similar to these years ago but I bought them in another state. Great video! Melody :)

  4. Awesome Video- I am not that afraid to pack now..especially since i can take some snacks in my carry ons:)

  5. Wow, posting it way back in 2014 and still very much appreciate this is 2016 🙂 I love your personality and accent! Thank you for your tips

  6. Hi Farnoosh! Question for you :)(Hope you can help me!) I'm travling to Europe too in a few weeks and I'll be taking Ryan Air flights. As far as I know they are pretty strick with the luggage thing so I'm not sure if I will be able to take (as you did) a backpack and a purse. I read the maximum weight allowed for a hand baggage is 10kg. Have you traveled with Ryan air already? Was it possible for you to travel with both backpack and purse? Thanks! Cheers from Argentina.

  7. My BF & I are traveling out of the country for the first time this May, & we made it a goal to not check any luggage for our two week trip. My packing list is different, but I really enjoy watching you actually pack everything in your suitcase (especially since my BF has that exact bag). Thank you for the inspiration! P.S. I'll be posting lots of photos, including what I pack, on my instagram if you'd like to follow: @atouchoftlc

  8. Huge amount of space wasted on make-up and scarves for someone who is trying to travel light. If you are staying in a hotel, they will provide shower gel and shampoo, but I always take conditioner as this is never provided. I never take any jumpers. I take thin roll neck tee shirts and if it gets cold, put one on top of another or layer with a tee shirt or other light thing. I also always travel with a light cotton kaftan which doubles up as a nightdress and something to wear from room to swimming pool. Again if it gets cold the kaftan can be worn as a layer underneath a skirt and top (s).

  9. Hello! Great video. Question. Turkish airline only allows 8kg for carryon. How much do you think your carryon weighed?

  10. I guess you're flying in first or business class and not in economy; because you can only bring one carry-on for international flights. Still, some of your ideas have merit and I'll consider downsizing what I carry, as luggage gets ever more expensive and restrictive to travel with.

  11. This was very helpful! I've been looking at the ebag that's a size up from the junior, thx you for sharing!

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