How To Pack Light for Travel

How To Pack Light for Travel

Hi my beauties! In this video I share with you my simple tips on how to pack light for traveling. Packing is always hard and stressful, so hopefully this helps! xx

My carry on is by Rimowa. It’s super light and comfortable. I’ve done a lot of research on suitcases, as I wanted to buy something that would last me for years and Rimowa seems to be some of the best quality suitcases out there. Here is a direct link to it:



Videography & editing by Katrina Lipska

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FTC Disclaimer: All items have been purchased by me with my own money.

Travel Tips: How to Travel Alone

Cracking the Secret Code of Travel every Thursday.

Sonia Gil shares her tips on the benefits of traveling alone. Love traveling alone? Share your travel experiences in the comments below.

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  1. such a great value!!! thank you so much …feeling well prepared for business trips now. You are amazing <3

  2. I would love to know where you got those beautiful bags. The black and grey with the chain detail looks fabulous!!!

  3. I also fold in an extra bag in case I want to buy things from travel. (which I almost-always do)

  4. my carry on has been refused and been told it was too large, when others were let on with huge backpacks geared for hiking, my carry on is standard size and has been measured in their measure trays, but because it is multi colored, it may look larger

  5. There are a few videos on packing for 2 months using just a carry-on, and it is what I'm planning to do this summer. Hearing someone say they can't do more than 5 days with a carry-on is so strange to me.
    I suppose everyone has a different dressing style and also different sense of things they "need".

  6. I could substitute some things that you showed (Bronzer, Blush, Foundation Concealer, and Blow Dryer). Replace with Mouth Products, Nightie, slippers to name a few. – You probably have your phone for pictures, small umbrella in purse, and phone charger in handbag.

  7. 2 years ago I thought I packed lightly for a week trip to Greece and later kind of sighed because, still managed to over pack. This year we are going for 2 weeks and certain things we will not pack. Like sun screen. We can buy it from there!

  8. Your so right Mimi. I alway tend to over pack even for a 3 day trip.
    I also roll my cloth. Ive seen it in one vid and tried it and it worked perfectly. But the bad part is i just ended up putting more cloth than i needed. lol
    I will practise packing less before i travel.

  9. Don't agree with one part of this. When you're traveling alone, you'll soon find out that the world is traveling with you, and it's so easy to meet other people, male or female, who you can hang out with or have dinner with. Europeans, Aussie's, Canadians, Japanese, all are traveling. Make some new friends and you'll never be alone.

  10. I liked your video. Excellent points, especially about being at restaurants alone. Very inspiring! Thank you!

  11. I'm off to Peru alone for the first time this summer July – August I've always gone with my dad so I'm a little scared

  12. 18 going to California for 3 days first time traveling alone flying alone and being alone in a place I never been.

  13. Travelled to Dubai alone just last month… And literally everything you said in the video is true!! Every little thing has added significance… Especially buying milk 😉

    Off to Qatar in March… Alone!!!

  14. i love traveling alone! you are never alone realy at least that what i feel.. just stay at good hostels and dont be afraid to make contact. i have just booked a 3 week vacation in south america starting in rio.. hope it will be great =) thank you

  15. This video inspired me to travel by myself. I did it with a positive attitude full of optimism, and it sucked. Thanks Sonia!

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