How To Pack Like A Pro!

How To Pack Like A Pro!

I hope this video helps you when your traveling & you don’t know what to pack!


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  1. Hey Sherry!
    I am new to your channel..loved the way how organized you were while packing.
    I have a little tip for you, if you roll up your clothes instead of folding them it saves up a lot of space. Let me know if it works for you 😉
    Love from NYC.. xoxo

  2. Onsies are so useful on cold international flights.About 2 years ago on a flight to LA via London I had two crazy guys sitting next to me on that Virgin Atlantic flight which btw was delayed by about 5 hours because lightning had struck it somewhere towards the rear but I the boredom didn't get to me because these 2 crazy guys in Onsies with bunny style hoodies & were doing some hilarious stuff,cracking jokes & even flirted with the air hostesses. As they were sitting next to me I was like so embarrassed too!!! He was none other than Caspar Lee & Callum course back then I didn't know he was such a huge youtuber. I was more fascinated with the Onsie because even with the blanket I was feeling so cold!!!

  3. To Sherry
    This video was really helpful.I like ur Forever21 bag pack,it really cool and u can carry a lots of stuff in it.Make more videos like this.
    Hope u have fun in Las Vegas.Whenever I travel,these tips are gonna be really helpful.Thanks Sherry.Keep smiling
    Lots of love from
    Asmita Sengupta

  4. wonder if the airline would allow a tote or back pack along with a carry on suitcase because i have always been hesitated carrying large bag plus suitcase 🙁 and end up with little bag which is not practical at all. Any idea +Scherezade Shroff love your videos btw :)

  5. It was a very helpful video sherry 🙂 Wonder how u could give us all the tips n details of packing in just 4 minutes :D

  6. thanks a lot for your tips…. where did u get those trunks from? did u colour it ? or those came in colours?

  7. wow! i was in vegas last week ( rained the whole day btw :/) and now i think i should have postponed my trip just so i could bump into u! aaaa how awesome would that be :D

  8. Hey. I have never Left a comment on any of your videos But this one Needs a thumbs up. Because your page is just so good and filled with so many good tips and ideas. So thanx for that 🙂 This video helped me personally alot since Im a traveller as well. Good luck sherrrayyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

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