How To Pack Your Travel Bag Light | Luggage Packing Tips When Traveling | Pack-Light Tips

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To read How to Pack Your Travel Bag Light | Luggage Packing Tips When Traveling | Lightweight Packing Tips For Men – click here

Travel Tips: How to Pack for Short trips w/ a Backpack

Sharing the ultimate tips for packing like a pro, Today, I’m packing for a 5 day trip but the tips are expendable for 1 week, 2 week or even 3 weeks ! Depending on what you need.
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  1. Now I understand why americans always have such massive bags… I wonder what is considering packing heavy. oO
    But it's a great guide to essentials tho. (Even if your packing for 5 days is more clothes than I think I own all put together. Laughs)
    What kind of occasions do you use all those clothes for? Or do you run around so much your clothes start to smell within a day?

  2. Oh, great! An explanation why people wear bigger bags than the size of an average tablet. (Seriously, I went a month long trip through europe with a bad that could barely have fitted a tablet. Not that I had one at that time… xD)
    What is an undershirt? I know it's an american thing, but… why? oO

  3. The Title should have been "What to Pack" instead of how to pack. I expected you to show how u packed all these stuff.

  4. You forgot toiletries (probably mentioned previously in the comments) such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving accessories, etc.

  5. I'm starting to travel more with my business and this was great.  Some things I never thought about but makes so much sense, like wet wipes and an extra pocket square!

  6. I wish to God I could pack this lightly. Looks like you have it down to a science.  Packing always takes me days and I ended up with 4 full size bags and two smaller ones last time.  It's okay when flying private but a huge hassle when flying commercial.  You are inspiring me to try to simplify and cut back.  This is going to be difficult!

  7. Antonio, thanks for your video, I've been following your advice in dressing well while travelling you made in some other videos. I travel across border from the UK to mainland Europe and it does make the difference at the customs.

  8. I heard that Driving moccasins fall apart when you walk in them instead of driving. Is that true? How long are they supposed to last?

  9. Can you do the packaging of luggage with some clothes and foods.for 2 weeks Also the luggages must not exceed 20 kg

    I think that will be interesting


  10. I can't stand packing clothes in backpacks because then I have to go digging. I prefer a light carry-on suitcase because you can keep the clothes in the suitcase and everything's just right there. But that is some light packing, I am impressed. One day I might pack as light!

  11. Great tips. Going to NYC in a week for 5 days. I will try and follow your tip. Hope it's not too cold yet cause I don't wanna pack any coats if I don't have to.

  12. i don't think packing electronics which are valuable at the top. a thief just opens in and he's greeted with what he wants straight away. normally any electronics not neede in transit normally get put into my shoes. it's soft, tight and hard to get to without removing everything from the bag.

  13. Hi Jeff,
    Have you considered front loading packs such as the Patagonia MLC or Tortuga backpack? Both are less than 45 L packs designed to cater for travel from a weekend to a six month urban travel adventure (or more).

    I find top loaders are a pain when you want that bottom item.. Shoes in your case. You have to get everything out and re-pack the lot. That's got to be a pain.

    I love your rolling techniques and see how folding collared shirts in a way that reduces harm to the collar is a massive plus. Great job there.

    Thanks for the video and top tips.


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