how to paint a room the best how to paint video!! pt 1. Like a pro!

how to paint a room the best how to paint video!! pt 1. Like a pro! Charlotte NC painter area muralist and painting contractor Ray Akers of Green Apple Painting shows how to paint a room and how to prep a room for paint. Green Apple Painting is proud to service the cities and surrounding areas of Matthews, NC Waxhaw, NC Ballentyne NC Indian Trail NC, Marvin NC Weddington NC


  1. Enjoyed and learned from your excellent video. As others mentioned, because your in such a "live" room acoustically, a wireless microphone "like Nady lavallier" from Amazon $169.00 would really make a BIG difference. I only say this because I can tell from this video and your website that you pursue excellence; not to mention you must admire a guy that can do a Rubik's Cube in under a minute! FWIW, there is no link to "Painting tips for home owners page." Also, who produced your website; it's very clean and straight forward. – A Fan

  2. good video but  next time please try low background music or none since you are not using an advanced mic. to record. Thx. for the tips

  3. Terrific and I have painted every room in my house inside and also outside, but somehow I always find a way to mess something up. Wish I would have watched these videos years ago.

  4. If you are using paint that includes primer, do you still need to go over repair work with just plain primer? Or will the paint that contains primer be okay? 

  5. You know i was kind of thinking that this was a pretty good A B C's of basic prep and painting- however you totally lost my interest at the end I was surprised to see you pouring paint into a "paint tray" the most unproductive way to roll C & W's……..

  6. Was a good video for someone like me who doesn't do a lot of painting. Brian Markham don't be such a sook, if you're such a pro painter…then why are you watching an instructional video!????

  7. still don't understand why self proclaimed painting "pros" search "how to paint videos" and then tell the people making the video how bad they are at it..

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