How To Paint Cabinets

How To Paint Cabinets

Painting cabinets can give a quick update to a kitchen or bathroom in no time. Before you paint, you will need to prime your cabinet. You can find a video for this at and watch “How to Prep for Painting Cabinets “. For this project you will need paint, a paint brush, 5-in-1 tool, stir sticks, tray, painters tray, painters tape, ladder, saw horses and lumber for easy painting and a roller frame. When looking for paint look for a semi gloss or high gloss finish or use a latex, durable and easy cleanup.

To begin, tape off areas where cabinets meet walls or floors with painters tape. Choose an area in your home with good ventilation when painting preferably a garage. Prime your doors and apply the paint working from the center out using just a few strokes. On the framework use a mini roller to apply the paint with just a few strokes. Wait 24 hours for everything to dry, then install drawers and doors.

For an even more sophisticated and updated look, think about installing handles and knobs to the doors and drawer. The paint will continue to cure and dry over time, and to prevent any sticking, use door bumpers to the surfaces that touch. Your project is complete, and in only a few short days, your kitchen is newly painted and updated. For more projects like this visit

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