How to paint exterior brick walls?

How to paint exterior brick walls?

Painting your brick house or wall doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow our simple preparation and application steps for a great result you can be proud of. British Paints. Sure Can.


  1. We have a brick patio, 12 x 12 inch sq bricks, looks like at one time they were red brick but someone (previous owner) painted the whole patio and then someone painted them again, so there are 2 layers of paint. needless to say after a few years the paint is peeling horribly…our patio looks like a brown (top layer) and light blue (bottom layer) Holstein cow. Its awful…the grout is cracking where the paint was applied thicker…its a mess
    Is there a resurfacing product that can be applied over this that will not peel like paint?

  2. Dont ever never paint bricks or stone walls . Paint or stain will never hold up to weather and temp changes threw out the year . With in two years the pain will start chip and peel off in places . Then over time the paint starts to fade . Then what you will have a bigger mess that needs to be painted again and again . That will get tiring over time . If you dont like your bricks color or just dont like bricks at all you can cover it with stone Veneer's . here the thing about painted wall once the wall is painted it will take a lot of money to get it back to clean brick again and you have to get the bricks clean and all paint off before you Veneer your brick wall . Another thing you may not like the brick color or colors and most people may not like your color when it is time to sell . But every one loves the look of stone . So please not ever paint or stain stone or brick . Never worked before and never work now .

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