How To Paint Glow Effect Without Airbrush – Mural Joe

How To Paint Glow Effect Without Airbrush - Mural Joe

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  1. hi joe, i love your videos and i give you likes from mexico… yeah i would like if you could pain the planet earth that would be amazing from you

  2. I have a couple of questions… One, is this oil paint or acrylic? Also is there by any chance a tutorial of how you made this whole painting? You do such amazing work and are very inspiring…

  3. when lightning is painted always remember the sky glow, it is the upmost essential part in the light besides the lightning itself but way cool tutorial!

  4. Dude! You are the most informative artist on youtube!!! and I have watched several other artist for years now. always wishing they were more like what I've seen from you. I've been watching your vids for hours now. And your really touching on the techniques and such that I've been searching for that no one else seems to! Thank you! plz continue sharing.

  5. If that is one of your gallery paintings I see mega money in your future, when one gives they get and you have given us so much of what you have learned, this is why I know you will do well with your gallery painting. I wish you much success with your showing.

  6. Hi Joe, i think you need just a touch of yellow in your lightning. Even though i
    lightning probably is white in nature. it would contrast the other whites in you scene. Just my suggestion. I love your work.

  7. Thank you Joe, I learn much from you each time I watch a video, your the best…Oh and If I had a choice Flagstaff and Page would be my homes…

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