How To Paint With Pearls & Flakes – What is Pearl Paint? Painting Your Car With Pearl Paint!

How To Paint With Pearls & Flakes - What is Pearl Paint? Painting Your Car With Pearl Paint!

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In this post let’s briefly touch on automotive pearl painting, pearl paint, flakes and micro sequence flake.

The most popular automotive pearls come in 2 forms. The first is your powder pearls then your liquid pearls. The difference is nothing much. One is just mixed in a sappy liquid which you scoop out and add to your clear coat.

Pro’s and Cons of liquid pearls: As time goes on, you’ll have a problem opening your jar because of the pearl mixture getting in between the can cap and jar.

But with dry pearls you won’t have this problem and there still very easy to open and mix into your paints.

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  1. The one thing I like when doin big flake or medium size flake is use DBC and I lay 2-3 coat of that with flaking. I prefer to use DBC for the fact the flake don't stand up as much it lays flatter. When you put the bigger flake into your clear it tends to stand up so you have to do several coats to Barry it so when your wet sanding and buffing it you don't nip off the tops of the flake and you want it to be flat and smooth as a sheet of glass. DBC is what I suggest when doin big flake before you clear.

  2. Awesome video! 🙂 I would love if you paint my Mustang black as the base color and purple as the second color…. When I get a mustang. Haha great video though. :)

  3. i don't  know how old you are but you seem very educated and informative about body work. thanks,great job ///john b. pittsburgh,pa.

  4. Great informational vids! Best and easiest to understand on the web! Question: If you want to put two different colors of pearl, should you mix them together or apply them in separate coats? I'm doing dark blue basecoat with purple and copper pearl.

  5. quick question, im going to spray metal flake on my 59, using the standard .015 size flake. I understand taking the filter off, but what size gun tip do I use? I have the 1.2, 1.4, 1.8 and 2.2 tip. I heard use the 2.2 tip but wont that gob up the paint job and just make more work for me when I wet sand?

  6. Whats up man. quick question a buddy of mine wants me to paint his bike. Its all plastic fairings. I have all the fairings perfect. He bought a single stage paint because it was cheap and the color is yellow. I have some yellow candy and gold candy pearls. Wondering if I could mix the candy pearls into the paint with some good results? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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